$100 mln venture fund is launched in Ukraine


Q Partners investment company of Andrii Ivanov reorganized its venture investment business and unbundled it into a separate company. The target fund amount will be $100 mio.

A new venture fund, QPDigital, is specialized in early investment rounds: from pre-seed to round A. Investments of the fund will be focused on startups from It-logistics, Digital Healthcare, Game Dev, Blockchain and AI industries.

Its team has invested so far into six projects for the amount of $2.6 mio. QPDigital will continue to accompany existing digital investments of Q Partners, in particular WareTeka logistics platform, Raccoon Recovery medical service in telephysiological rehabilitation, Doc.ua online service for searching doctors and medical appointment, ABM Cloud platform for cloud solutions for enhancing business efficacy, Datrics platform for optimizing Big Data operations and Watched artificial intelligence-based platform for recognizing and analyzing consumer reactions.

“We’ve decided to launch a venture area to diversify our business and add ecosystem IT products to our existing portfolio. In addition to that, the separation of direct and venture investments allows to build more efficient management teams with the industry-specific expertise in each field. The pandemics affirmed the good timing of such solution. Indeed, entities that demonstrated flexibility and quickly adapted to the new reality online appeared to be more robust, — Andrii Ivanov, founder of Q Partners comments.

QPDigital will not only invest and help with fund raising. It will also develop business models and marketing strategies of startups, networking with service providers, and amplifying technical capacities of products.

“Creating QPDigital, we elected to fill a nonstandard niche at the venture investment market. On the one hand, we invest into early maturity projects, and on the other hand we actively assist to founders in their business development and adequate corporate structuring. Such approach is only possible with the combination of a strong team, top-quality partnership and novel technologies. Our key task is to bring startups to round B with the maximum assessment and stable business model, – Denys Valvachev, CEO and Managing Partner of QPDigital, comments.

20, Dragomyrova Str. Kiyv, 01103, Ukraine