The consortium of investors, including UDP led by Andrei Ivanov’s Q Partners, bought the former plant «Bolshevik»


The investor consortium, which includes UDP led by Andrey Ivanov’s Q Partners and A Development, won at the auction on privatization of the plant «Bolshevik» in the State Property Fund of Ukraine. During the auction to privatize the plant, they offered the highest price – UAH 1,429,017,000.

«We have become winners of the auction on privatization of the First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant, conducted by the State Property Fund of Ukraine. It is an honor and a responsibility. We have already proved that we can successfully implement projects of redevelopment and integrate existing objects with a new actual function into the modern life of the city. An example is the restoration of historical buildings of the Kyiv plant «Arsenal», the investors comment on the auction’s results. «We will approach the development of the facility comprehensively, starting with a thorough analysis and expert consultation in the field of urban planning, architecture, and other related spheres. Our task is to make Kyiv better. We are sure that the revival of the territory of the First Kyiv Machine-Building Plant will become a worthy continuation of our work in this direction».

«Privatization is one of the drivers of economic development. It is with it that the new stage of life of the plant «Bolshevik» begins in favor of citizens and the state. And the developed privatization conditions guarantee investment and social protection of workers», the head of the State Property Fund said.

The auction winners, who are part of the consortium – UDP and A Development – specialize in the development of residential property projects and commercial and social infrastructure in European-level complexes. Among the most successful cases of the Derelict Buildings Revitalization Company is the territory of the former Kyiv plant «Arsenal» and the restoration of the Kyiv Fortress.

We recall that in 2019 businessmen Andrey Ivanov and Vasily Khmelnytsky divided the management of total assets. Andrei Ivanov’s Q Partners got operational management of developer company UDP and airport «Kyiv».

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