DOC.UA medical service has attracted investment of Quarter Partners private fund

Quarter Partners private investment fund has invested in purchase of shares in DOC.ua project – the first and largest online service in Ukraine for searching and making appointments with doctors. The majority owner of the service is EFI GROUP. The amount of the transaction is not disclosed.

The service processes monthly more than 700 thousand requests. A base of more than 10 thousand doctors and 1700 medical establishments throughout Ukraine is available to DOC.ua customers.

“DOC.ua is a unique service at the interface of IT and healthcare, two rapidly growing sectors. In the future, we see it as an original ecosystem that can satisfy any customer’s need in a few clicks. This project is capable of implementing what is called “medicine in a smartphone”, creating a completely new experience of the “doctor-patient” relationship”, – Denis Valvachev, Senior Managing Partner of Quarter Partners, noted.

DOC.ua service intends to actively develop outside Ukraine. In 2020, it is planned to launch DOC.ua online service in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. The markets of Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Baltic countries and the UAE are also under development.

“I believe that DOC.ua service has unique capabilities, which can change the medicine of the future. Our mission is to make access to medical services as simple and useful as possible for modern customers. The healthcare sector requires introduction of innovations, and we are ready to support the development of the industry by our own example. Creating a unique experience for patients, doctors and clinics, we not only improve their lives but also change the idea of ​​providing medical services both in Ukraine and in the world.

We continue to improve our innovative best practices, strengthen our team and its effectiveness. Therefore, Quarter Partners is a reliable partner for us, which is able to support bringing the project to a new level”, – Igor Liski, Head of the Supervisory Board of EFI GROUP, said.


EFI GROUP (“Effective Investments” group of companies) is group of companies established in 2007. Corporate center of the group of companies conducts its activities in various sectors of the economy: cellulose industry, gas industry, energy sector, agriculture, woodworking, creative industry, and healthcare service. For further details, see: efi.ua

Quarter Partners is a private fund investing in businesses with a high growth potential for their development and subsequent sale to strategic investors. The founder of the fund is a Ukrainian investor, Andriy Ivanov. During its existence, the fund completed major transactions for raising investment capital and selling businesses to strategic investors for a total amount of over $5 billion.

Today, Quarter Partners focuses on the search and development of IT projects (eCommerce, MedTech, FoodTech, Logistics), as well as projects in pharmaceutics, infrastructure and real estate. In the field of IT, the fund gives priority to projects that can complement each other forming an ecosystem – a complete chain of value delivery to end customers.

The existing investment portfolio includes Kyiv Sikorsky International Airport, UDP development company and UDP Renewables, a renewable energy business, Biopharma pharmaceutical company, RTM-Ukraine outdoor advertising operator, as well as several venture projects in Ukraine and abroad. The total volume of investments in existing projects is $520 million. For further details, see: qpartners.com.ua.

DOC.UA is an online service for searching and making appointments with doctors established in Ukraine in 2014. The main objective of the service is improvement of the interaction between patients and medical establishments. The service is absolutely free for customers and is available daily 24/7. The service’s customers have an opportunity to search by various parameters, read references (more than 250 thousand) about professionals, make appointments with doctors both online “in one click” and by sending requests, undergo examinations and diagnostics, order pharmaceutical products, get discounts for laboratory tests and even for surgery operations. For further details, see: doc.ua